Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I register as a private person? 
"How do I register as a dealer? 
"Can I without a valid VAT number to register? 
"Is there a minimum order? 
"May I sell the product images for use 
"I have my password forgotten or lost! 
What can I do?


"What is our bank? 
"How can I pay about Moneybrookers? 
What payment options are "it? 
"How do I pay by PayPal? 
"How do I pay in advance? 
"How do I pay by COD? 
"Can I pay by invoice?

Shipping & Delivery

"Which parcel service we deliver? 
"How quickly the product is delivered? 
"Where supplies? 
"How much is shipping?


"How can I get my voucher / discount coupon to redeem? 
"How long is the discount voucher code / valid? 

Returns & Reklamtionen 

"Can I exchange the article? 
»Return form 
"To what address should the return be sent? 
"What about the divorced return costs and the value of goods? 
"Can I exchange the product if you do not like 
or articles of the size of the differ?