Since 2010, we are now on the move as a textile wholesaler and supply a large number of online retailers across Europe. 
Above all, our decisive product images can be found again and again on many platforms. With dedication to detail and love of fashion, we develop new collections every week. 

As textile wholesalers, we are keen to find you the hottest trends with the appropriate presentation. 

Every week we offer a fashionable "Europe trip" with outfits from France, Italy and England. 
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Our collections change weekly and offer the right one for every season. 

Textile lilies in a wide range of fashionable statesments you can access anytime to quickly and easily stock their business. With the best pictures for her to put her website perfectly in scene. Our years of customers are always pleased with our good support, the fast processing and the human interaction in our online fashion wholesale. 
Bay Traders, Resellers and Online Traders have the ability to browse our platform and choose from the products at any time. 

Every week we present new products from our product range that make every reseller happy - dresses, trousers, tunics, tops, shirts, jeans, leggings, sweaters. 
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What is very important to us is the quality of the product, as well as the product images. We choose only the best to ensure your satisfaction. 

About a positive feedback, as well as positive criticism, we are always happy! 

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